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Len Campbell


    For the gallery of photos from the 30th Class Reunion, click on the banner below or go to:  

Dedicated Teachers & Administrators Continuing To Serve Camden Catholic Students

On February 1, 2007, I had the pleasure of photographing several of our teachers and administrators who continue to serve new generations of Camden Catholic students.

John Merritt of the Math Department.   Anthony D'Antonio our Dean of Students.


Paul Azores of the English Department.   Jymme Szurek of the Physical Education Department.


John Phipps of the Guidance Department.    


On November 24, 2006, the Camden Catholic Class of 1976 celebrated its 30th reunion at the Pennsauken Country Club.  Those attending the event included former and current CCHS math teacher Wayne Nystrom  and former science teacher John Teti.  (From left to right) Wayne Nystrom, Diane Lanutti Mancini, John Teti & Donna White Stanisce.

2005 photo of former CCHS science teacher & baseball coach Joe Galleria.  He is currently the athletic director at Kingsway Regional High School.   2005 photo of former CCHS social science teacher & girls' track coach Tom Coleman.  He is currently the principal at Kingsway Regional High School.

An undated photo of former CCHS social science teacher Dave Chando.  He is currently the assistant principal at Haddon Heights High School.      

An undated photo of former CCHS gym teacher and football coach Jack Bloomingdale from the Lyman High School Bowling Team (Florida) website containing the 2006 schedule.   An undated photo (approximately 2004) of former CCHS gym & health teacher and football coach Phil Petitte while coaching football  for the LaSalle Explorers.  He's now coaching at the University of Delaware. 

Dean Ragone with his wife Sharon and children Jeff and Gina from August 2006.

Tom Stamatelos and 4 of his 5 sons (Jarryd, Andrew, Bobby and Jon-Erik) after playing a lacrosse game during the summer of 2006.  Three of Tom's sons are currently playing lacrosse in college and one was a High School All-American.

Nancy O'Brien Singer with her sons Matthew and Kevin and husband Harry (CCHS Class of '75) at the Colosseum (Flavian Amphitheatre) in Rome during their European vacation in the summer of 2006.

Several future Camden Catholic Class of '76 classmates in this photo!!!

Special thanks to Susanne Miazga for finding and forwarding me this old photo of the St. Peter's Merchantville Cheerleading Team from the fall of 1971. Camden Catholic Class of '76 classmates are underlined (left to right):
1st Row (Mascots): Patrice, Tina, Angel
2nd Row: Lori Guidara, Susan Sorbicki
3rd Row: Rose Messina, Cathy Dickson, Sandy Intelicato, Lisa Johnson, Rochelle Gizinski
4th Row: Janis Horn, Susanne Miazga, Jody McCracken, Debie Sullivan, Barbara Yeager, Amy Prendergast

Several classmates were at Neil Arot and his band's performance on March 10, 2007 at the Treehouse Coffeeshop in Collingswood.  (From left to right): Neil Arot, Tony Brady, Fred Picknally, Jim Jenkins & Rich Hinkle.

Mike Kenney's favorite pastime is fishing with his family and friends.  In this photo from May 2005, Mike just caught a drum fish in the Delaware Bay.

In 2002, St. Stephen's Parish in Pennsauken celebrated its 50th anniversary. The photo above is from St. Stephen's 2002 Jubilee Photo Gallery of it's parishioners. In this photo, Joe Baratta is with his family, Candy, Marie, Elizabeth and David. The St. Stephen's Jubilee Photo Gallery is at:   
On St. Stephen's Parish celebrity "Look-A-Likes" webpage, Joe is listed as famous 1950s & 1960s bandleader Mitch Miller.  The St. Stephen's celebrity "Look-A-Like" webpage is at:

Dennis O'Donnell with his with his family, Lynn, Gwen, and Adam from St. Stephen's Jubilee Photo Gallery from 2002:   

Classmate NEIL AROT and his band perform locally.  Check out his website at for information on his next gig.

Dennis Martin with 6 of his 7 children from June 2004.

On January 27, 2007, Neil Arot and his band performed at the Treehouse Coffee Shop in Collingswood, New Jersey.  Neil's son gave a solo performance.  In attendance were classmates Bob Prate, Renny Guida, Steve Parino, Maria Bastidas Fox, Rich Hinkle, Franny Kinkle and Len Campbell.

    To see a short video taken at Neil's gig, click on the link directly below (neilsgig-jan27-2007.wmv) and Open or Save the video file.  Downloading this file may take several minutes depending upon your internet connection speed.  This video file is in Microsoft's WMV format.


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File neilsgig-jan27-2007.wmv
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Neil Arot watching his son play.   Neil's son Anthony playing solo.


Steve Parino and his wife Jeanine.


Neil's band performing.


Renny Guida (seated) and (from left to right) Bob Prate, Franny Kinkle and Steve Parino.


Maria Bastidas Fox and Rick Hinkle.


Neil and Rich Hinkle   Neil and his family (wife Mary, son Anthony & daughter Sarah).


Neil's family showing Arot support.   Renny Guida and his wife Claudia.


An undated photo (approximately 2004) of classmate & former CCHS girls' softball coach Joe DiPietro.  Since 2004 he's been the head coach at LaSalle.    

Mike Carn, his daughter Michaela & Cheese-It in front of their untrimmed tree on December 8, 2006   Tony Brady at a sports event at Eastern High School on November 11, 2006.


Ron Sammeth with his son Trevor at family birthday party in Cleveland, Ohio over the 2006 Christmas holidays.    


(From left to right) Peggy Testa Messina, Tony Messina, Joe Maro, Patrice DeVlieger Maro, Diane Lanutti Mancini, Len Mancini, Maria Delgado Pontani, Joe Pontani, Carmela & Len Campbell at Diane Lanutti Mancini's home on December 15, 2006.

(From left to right) Cindy Vassey, Mike Vassey & Lou Giorgi at Dean Ragone's home on December 16, 2006.   (Front row from left to right) Carmela, Sharon Ragone & Dean Ragone.  (Rear row) Len Campbell.

    Several classmates who did not make the reunion emailed me to say they wanted to come but were unable to including Pat O'Brien (Florida), Franni Bertolino Farrell (Oregon), Bart Gambardello (Italy), John Kehoffer (Washington), Paula Krebs (Rhode Island), Pete Castellucci (Arizona), John Tokokish (Russia) and Dan Colofranson (Florida).  If you were unable to make the reunion, send me a recent photo of yourself!

Dan Colofranson




Paula Krebs

Franni Bertolino Farrell


Pete Castellucci

John Tokolish


Steve Croce is a European actor currently living in Paris.  The photos on the left were probably taken around 1996.  Below is casting profile I found for Steve:

Schmoelewicz Casting Amsterdam.
Actors from USA & other Countries

Steve Croce

Hometown: Paris, France Nationality: American
Speaks: English, French ( with an American accent )
Age range: 41-45 Height: 1.60 m
Skills: Acting, Rock'n'roll, rhythm&blues and Jazz singer
Sports: American Football, Basketball, Volleyball,
Baseball, Wrestling, Canoeing
Can be booked for: Film, drama, theatre, commercials
Distance in travel hours: 4/5 hours from Paris to Amsterdam
Extended resume upon request

Contact us
Photos provided by the Artist
© Schmoelewicz Casting, Inc. All Rights Reserved



I found this posting for Steve from August, 2006:

The Clan of Divorcees
Posted by The Festival Team on August 12th, 2006

Possibly the most beautiful woman in the world, Steve Croce talks to Astral Voices about his play The Clan of Divorcees. This is the English language debut of a show thatís been running for years in France and had a recent sell-out run at Avignon. It follows three very mismatched flatmates united by their divorces and provides laugh-out-loud comedy and hilarious performances.

To hear Steve describe the play, click HERE:



Steve Croce interviewing interviewing the Guinness Book of World Records holder Elaine Davidson in Edinburgh, Scotland in August, 2006.  She currently has 3,920 body piercings and tattoos.


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